How do I get into Tmall International? What are the requirements?

The growth of imported consumer demand after the 2020 epidemic, as well as the platform capability of Tmall International brand incubation, has allowed overseas brands whose sales are blocked to also find a growth breakthrough, and the most frequently asked questions we receive are how to be stationed in Tmall International, what conditions are required, whether there is a way to help integrate information and so on.

How do I get into Tmall International? What are the requirements?

Now, cross-border enterprises who want to be stationed in Tmall International need to pay attention, according to the latest news learned by Cat Shop Man, Tmall International has recently adjusted the investment rules, and made some adjustments to the way of stationing, qualification conditions, etc. Merchants can understand clearly, and the official in order to avoid more homogeneity of products, specially authorized service providers to vigorously support the recruitment of high, and help merchants grow up quickly, and Cat Shop Man is one of them.

Many overseas brands regard Tmall International as the first stop to enter the Chinese market

In the process of promoting global investment, Tmall International continues to accelerate the pace of overseas popular and potential brands to station, according to Cat Shop Man understand the Fair for overseas brands to build a big stage, Tmall International for them to pave the "fast track" into China, accelerate the Fair exhibits into goods. This year Alibaba together with nearly 1,000 overseas brands to appear in the Fair, including cross-border e-commerce Tmall International on the overseas brands show more than 1,400 new products.

Tmall International introduced new brands from January to May with a growth rate of 64% year-on-year

According to the data of Tmall International, Tmall International introduced new brands from January to May with a growth rate of 64% year-on-year; and since the market changes caused by the epidemic this year, Tmall International has launched many new policies to help overseas brands enter China. in February, Tmall International released overseas merchant support policies to reduce merchant operating costs; in April, it announced to simplify the merchant entry process and set up an international merchant incubation center to provide brands with In April, Tmall International announced the simplification of the merchant entry process and the establishment of an international merchant incubation center to provide brands with support for operating strategies such as crowd, category and marketing.

Tmall International has driven significant growth in imported foreign wine and helped accelerate its sales expansion

Up to now, more than 26,000 overseas brands from 84 countries and regions around the world have been stationed in Tmall International, covering more than 5,300 categories, of which more than 80% of the brands have entered China for the first time. In fact, the changes in the import consumption scene after the special period have driven the rise of relevant imported categories, and in addition, overseas retail stores that are blocked offline have also accelerated their sales expansion to Tmall International.

Tmall International merchants need to meet at least the following requirements to be admitted.

(1) Having an overseas corporate entity.

(2) Provide a complete chain of merchandise incoming vouchers

These two conditions are the basic conditions for Tmall International, both must be met, one cannot be missing. There are two other considerations, one is that the company must be registered for a full year and more than the original 35 categories of overseas trademark certificate (R standard), and it must be an overseas trademark, which means that the 35 categories must also be registered; second, the enterprises in the free trade zone can not be stationed.

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