Is there any hope to join Tmall International now?

After several aspects of research, the main consumers of Tmall International are the post-95 crowd, and the "silver-haired" people who have a little spare money and are not particularly busy with their usual business are also slowly increasing. Secondly, because the import consumption is slowly becoming popular, the imported goods not only bring Chinese consumers the needs of daily life, but also let everyone experience the latest high-tech products, in the previous year's "Black Friday", artificial meat has been sold on Tmall International for the first time, in the case of the increasing popularity of Tmall International, the cross-border e-commerce industry will also become more and more open. The e-commerce industry will also be more and more open the better oh!

Is there any hope to join Tmall International now?

Tmall International analysis.

1, the platform's support for businesses

Previously Tmall launched a five-year plan to achieve 200 billion U.S. dollars, from the current point of view, Tmall International is confident in achieving the goal of five years of imports of 200 billion U.S. dollars. First of all, the growth rate of Tmall International has not decreased, or maintained in line with the planned growth rate; secondly, through the cross-border e-commerce platform can be as soon as possible to reach overseas production to Chinese consumers, this chain than the traditional sense of overseas goods through the bulk trade way in, and then through distribution to reach Chinese consumers, to shorten a lot.

2, the policy environment on the cross-border favorable

Since 2015, China has reduced import tariffs on consumer goods for the fourth time, which not only shows the determination to expand imports, attach importance to the demand for consumer upgrading, encourage the return of consumption, and promote supply-side reform with imports, but also reflects China's attitude and determination to adhere to globalization and reform and opening up against the background of the surging tide of anti-globalization thinking.

In summary, many people believe that the prospects of the cross-border e-commerce industry are very broad, especially in the Asian market, where the number of imported consumers is increasing, so it is still necessary to borrow Tmall International to develop the Chinese market at present. But want to be stationed in Tmall International is not so simple Oh, need to meet the following conditions Oh: 1, the resident merchants must have a company entity qualified outside mainland China.

2、Have an overseas registered trademark.

3, with overseas retail and other qualifications and licenses related to its business, and has a good reputation and business conditions abroad.

4、The main body of the store opening must have an overseas or overseas entity company.

5、Priority recruitment of overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan well-known entity stores/B2C sites and overseas well-known brands that have not entered the Chinese market.

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