Tmall global has opened multiple channels to enter China, accelerating overseas brands to enter the

In 2020, cross-border e-commerce will become the first choice for enterprises to carry out international trade and the pioneer of foreign trade innovation and development. Although the industry is still facing uncertainty, it is still a promising spring for cross-border e-commerce practitioners.

Tmall global has opened multiple channels to enter China, accelerating overseas brands to enter the domestic market

Taking tmall global as an example, tmall global cooperates with rookies to build a luxury cross-border supply chain, deploy more than 100 overseas direct purchase warehouses, build luxury bonded warehouses in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, China, and use intelligent systems to predict consumer demand, schedule logistics resources, build a global direct purchase and direct delivery supply chain system, so as to speed up the delivery of global luxury goods from 15 to 30 days 72 hours.

Tmall global has opened up its business invitation in an all-round way, launched the "trusteeship" store opening service for overseas brands in 2021, and created a set of overall service scheme for new overseas brands from entry, store opening to operation incubation.

"Even businesses with zero line operation experience can quickly open their stores within 30 days under our one-to-one guidance." Dong Zhenzhen, the head of tmall global investment promotion, said at the global cloud Investment Summit that in 2021, investment promotion will be fully opened and multiple channels will be opened to further speed up the entry of overseas brands into China.

New overseas brands submit their entry intention online through tmall international investment promotion channel, which means that they have entered the "full nursery class" with nanny like service. Within 1 to 3 working days, there are cross-border business experts with 9 different language abilities in more than 20 countries on 5 continents around the world, who guide businesses to open their stores in a one-to-one and hand-in-hand manner. Businesses do not have to run once, and the whole process of opening their stores is online Yes.

After the store is opened, it will be officially certified as a high-quality agent to provide operation services for new brands. Even "Xiaobai" businesses with zero online operation experience only need to be responsible for the supply of goods, so they can easily do cross-border business.

Although the global epidemic has added instability to international trade, emerging cross-border e-commerce formats are becoming an important force in stabilizing foreign trade. In the past year, the number of new overseas brands of tmall global has increased by 125% year on year. It is very important for global brands to seize the opportunity of China's import market.

In 2021, tmall global will further open its investment promotion channels, with four new channels: on the basis of the previous invitation system and the self-service entry of the official investment promotion website, a new investment promotion hotline and a manual consultation channel will be opened to meet the needs of different types of businesses.

At the same time, there are also new changes in the investment promotion policies of logistics and warehousing. Overseas brands can complete the whole process of cross-border logistics supply chain service from the first delivery of overseas factories to the end distribution of Chinese consumers with only one click of order. This year, new businesses can also enjoy new rights such as 50% discount on the first delivery of the first order, reduction of overseas warehouse and central warehouse preparation fees.

Since 2018, tmall global has set a five-year import plan of US $200 billion at the first China Expo. Tmall global has continuously opened its investment promotion channels, upgraded its entry channels, and accelerated the entry of overseas brands into China. So far, more than 29000 overseas brands from 87 countries and regions have entered tmall Global, covering more than 5800 categories, of which more than 80% have entered China for the first time.

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