What should Tmall global pay attention to?

What should Tmall global pay attention to? With the continuous development of the times, the Internet economy has become the main source. It is not only Tmall and Jingdong that have developed but also Tmall international has good development potential. Now I'd like to talk about the precautions for Tmall global to settle in?

What should Tmall global pay attention to?

(1) Policy changes of Tmall Global

Before entering Tmall global, the first thing enterprises need to know is what changes have taken place in the investment promotion dynamics and policies of this platform, which are the focus of investment promotion, and which policies have changed, because "only when you know yourself and the other can you be invincible".

Tmall Global's investment channels include brand self recommendation and hot brand pool. At present, Tmall global is accepting a self recommendation from stores.

In addition, Tmall global adjusted its product category standards according to the operation and development of the industry and platform. After the adjustment, some categories have changes in annual fees and commissions. If you do not agree with these changes, Tmall global platform has the right to delete your cooperation category on the platform.

(2) The entry time of Tmall Global

In fact, we can seize the best opportunity to settle in Tmall global, so the success rate is relatively high. Although Tmall global has fully opened up some policies for investment promotion, it occasionally publishes some popular categories, which is the best time to settle in. In addition, in the double 11, double 12 periods to enter ahead of time, so as to seize the opportunity of consumption growth.

Many cross-border enterprises see the development prospect of Tmall global and have planted seeds in Tmall global. The online channel has become the main growth position of various brands. Overseas enterprises should seize the opportunity to actively enter Tmall global and seize the new opportunities behind the crisis.

That's what I'm going to tell you about Tmall International's entry? Tmall global is out of reach in the eyes of many people. They think it's too difficult. We need not be so pessimistic. We usually pay more attention to the trend of Tmall global. We believe that we will seize the opportunity to settle in successfully.

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