How much do you know about Tmall global?

With the development of the e-commerce industry, more and more imported goods appear in front of us, and cross-border e-commerce has also been further developed. Tmall Global, the domestic cross-border e-commerce platform, has been the first to bear the brunt, constantly showing its own charm, attracting overseas enterprises to settle in, and becoming the leader of domestic cross-border e-commerce. We've made one good achievement after another.

How much do you know about Tmall global?

In particular, the "double 11", "black five", "double 12" and other major hand cutting festivals constantly stimulate users' consumption nerves, but also constantly redraw the industry record. In this year's double 11, Tmall global continues to grow at a high speed on the basis of last year's outstanding achievements. Do you know all about Tmall global? I'll talk to you today.

Business positioning: directly invite high-quality businesses, looking for foreign famous retail stores, and high-quality niche brands.

Product source: the products are mainly from Japan, the United States, South Korea, Germany, Australia, etc.

Category coverage: at present, more than 26000 overseas brands from 84 countries and regions have settled in Tmall global, covering more than 5300 categories.

Marketing strategy: overseas products will be presented to consumers more intuitively and conveniently through channels such as live broadcasts. With the support of big data technology, the most accurate traffic distribution can be achieved on the small screen of the mobile terminal.

Warehousing logistics: the logistics mode of "overseas cargo collection + domestic bonded", including overseas cargo collection service, bonded warehouse logistics service, and GFC overseas stock service, with the logistics speed increased by 10%.

Quality control measures: "mysterious sampling", "warehousing inspection", "quality traceability", cooperate with regulatory departments, actively mobilize social resources, and promote quality co-governance.

Tmall Global has become the promised place for overseas brands to set foot in China. As the Chinese market continues to open up and the cross-border import e-commerce policy continues to stabilize, global brands will continue to increase investment in the Chinese market. Tmall Global has not only become a fast lane for global brands to enter China but also provides a huge opportunity to gain a foothold in China and win in the world. If you want to settle in Tmall global, the operation process, qualification conditions, and audit standards are not clear, you should do a good job in advance.

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