What if Tmall global is refused? Pay attention to these methods!

In recent years, China has been actively expanding its opening-up, continuously lowering the threshold for overseas brands to enter China. In addition, with the support of the policy, cross-border e-commerce has entered a stage of rapid development. As the leading way of cross-border e-commerce, Tmall world is gradually introducing new categories, new brands, and niche brands For those businesses that touch the Internet but want to settle down on their own, they may have little knowledge. Let me explain the situation of Tmall Global's refusal to settle down.

What if Tmall global is refused? Pay attention to these methods!

If we want to apply the same request account to enter Tmall world again after our failure, we need to apply the same brand, and the companies that enter Tmall world also need the same company. If the merchant has not been evaluated for the second time, Tmall world will be bound to enter the site for three months based on the first submission time. Due to the accumulation of experience and talents in brand management, company operation, and other aspects, it will take a certain amount of time to improve the brand influence. Therefore, it will take three months to submit again based on the first submission time Request.

If we are in such a situation, we can find a way to settle in. This is a one-stop service provided by third-party manufacturers. The way will also put forward reasonable suggestions according to the actual situation of businesses, and help businesses to complete the settlement. This is why so many businesses choose to settle in. It is not only convenient and fast but also has a high occupancy rate.

In fact, businesses should not enter blindly without any control. Otherwise, they will make mistakes and be rejected directly, resulting in the waste of follow-up time and capital. Now the offline channels are blocked, and many overseas enterprises have begun to layout ahead of time and actively open up online channels. As the preferred way for overseas brands to enter China, Tmall global has also become the main venue for overseas brands to be out of stock online.

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