What are the requirements for entering tmall global? What are the application conditions?

When the double 11 comes, countless businesses have already been unable to bear the excitement in their hearts. Not only domestic businesses, but also those foreign businesses have begun to sit still, and they have begun to look for channels to enter the Chinese market. It happens that China has a Tmall global, so it has become a consensus at home and abroad to join Tmall global. Xiaobian thinks that only by laying out the online market as soon as possible can we reap billions of dividends. So the conditions and process of entering Tmall global must be the first step for businesses to understand, just what they share today!


1、 Entry requirements for Tmall global stores:

The first point is that the brand is in foreign countries, and the company wants offline stores. In this way, for Tmall, they can integrate your online and offline mode, ensure the entry of their new traffic, provide them with better protection, and facilitate professionals to conduct better research and selection on the brand.

Second, a brand must have complete proof of its purchase pipeline. Only in this way can it bring more protection to your products, as well as a guarantee for the whole Tmall global and all overseas products.

The third point requires that different brands have different requirements. For example, the flagship store of the store type needs to have at least 35 types overseas, and the original trademark must be at least one year old. If it is a local famous brand, it also needs to provide photos of its own brand stores, including the facade decoration and geographical location.

2、 Application steps of Tmall global store:

Tmall Global's settlement process is mainly divided into four steps: submitting settlement information - businesses waiting for audit - completing store opening preparation - stores officially online

The following is the invitation of BD, which is the process of communicating with Tmall international investment promotion sophomores and inviting them to settle in:

The trend of cross-border e-commerce is good, and more and more people are entering the market. However, compared with the European market, the Southeast Asian market is still in the initial stage of development, and most of the markets are still not saturated. Therefore, for businesses, it is a development opportunity to seek the best interests, and Tmall global is extending its olive branch to countless overseas enterprises to speed up its journey into China. If there are businesses that are not clear about the entry fee and related matters, you can leave a message below! We'll all answer them one by one.

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