Entry conditions of tmall global flagship store

Brand flagship store:

A brand flagship store that operates one private brand commodity and a brand flagship store that operates multiple private brand commodities and each brand belongs to the same actual controller.

Entry requirements:

Entry conditions of tmall global flagship store

Original brand trademark r registered overseas for more than one year, and the brand has retail operation overseas;

If the applicant company is the brand authorized party, it needs to provide the exclusive authorization issued by the trademark owner to the company, and the authorization is limited to one level;

Give priority to invite the best-selling brands in Haitao;

If the brand has already opened a shop in Tmall, the confirmation file of the brand side shall be provided.

Many overseas businesses find it difficult to enter Tmall global. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Most of the data are in English, so it is difficult to read

2. It is difficult to sign the brand and the authorized person, and the national standards are different

3. The filling of authorization data is complex

4. However, e-commerce believes that businesses need not worry too much, because, on September 23, Tmall global released the "investment partner" plan to expand the recruitment of domestic high-quality import service providers, fully open the entrance of investment promotion, and provide one-stop services such as "entering, opening stores, and operating incubation" for global brands. In the next six months, Tmall global will complete the recruitment of 100 service providers and jointly introduce 1000 overseas service providers Zhizhou e-commerce is one of the certification service providers to help them quickly open stores and seize the opportunities in the Chinese market, and jointly accelerate the enabling of Internet + by overseas enterprises.

As we all know, in the past, Tmall global entered the market through three channels: invitation, self recommendation, and overseas business development. Now, Tmall global recruits investment partners, which means to further expand the scope of investment promotion and help more overseas enterprises to accelerate the pace of entering the Chinese market. Therefore, businesses should actively enable the digital upgrading of their brands and expand their sales with the help of Tmall global.

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