Tmall Global's entry: a new cross-border outlet to help enterprises expand their sales

According to the data of this year's double 11, the "choppers" love domestic products and also like imported goods. While Tmall's double 11 achievements are remarkable, Tmall international also shows extraordinary strength. This also proves that Tmall international has a large domestic market space. Moreover, due to the impact of this year's epidemic, Tmall international has also expanded the scope of investment promotion.

Tmall Global's entry: a new cross-border outlet to help enterprises expand their sales

Under the impact of this year's epidemic, China has become the largest source of market growth for global brands. Tmall Global has become the first choice for international brands to enter China. As of September 30, Gmv of Tmall global has increased by 37% year on year in the quarter, further strengthening its dominant position in the cross-border e-commerce market.

aidianjia e-commerce believes that in the context of the e-commerce era, the cross-border industry is also developing rapidly. The market of cross-border e-commerce is gradually becoming stable, and the relevant regulatory efforts are constantly improving. Therefore, this is a good time for some small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the cross-border e-commerce industry. In addition, Tmall global is open to all-round investment promotion, and it also intends to expand investment promotion in the near future, which means that more overseas enterprises can enter the cross-border e-commerce industry In order to open up the Chinese market with the help of Tmall Global's "express", businesses who want to enter Tmall global should seize the east wind of cross-border e-commerce.

Recently, there are new beauty brands in Tmall global. Firstly, China's demand for imported beauty brands is growing. Secondly, Tmall global launched the beauty market, launched a new plan, introduced 800 new overseas beauty brands, and incubated more than 50 new brands with an annual turnover of more than 10 million. Therefore, Tmall Global is very conducive to the development of beauty brands. So XIAOBIAN takes the beauty category as an example, Entry conditions under sharing:

Basic requirements for brand qualification:

1. The business category only accepts the trademark that has been registered successfully (R), and the brand trademark registration shall not be less than 1 year (time of circulation place);

2. Franchised stores under this business category need to provide three or more brands and submit first-class authorization with trademark as the source or first-class purchase certificate with trademark as the source.

The basic qualification requirements of the main company for opening a shop are as follows:

1. The main company to open a shop needs to be an overseas entity company;

2. The registration time of the main company of a franchise store shall not be less than one year.

At present, offline channels are still blocked, and cross-border e-commerce has become the main channel to communicate with global commodities. AIDIANJIA expects that cross-border e-commerce will usher in new wind, and Tmall global is an important platform to help enterprises stand out. If you don't know the entry process and cost, you can leave a message below and deal with the message as soon as possible. will reply to you as soon as possible!

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